Wizz Catz

Wizz Catz Rescue is a very small rescue which started up in 2004. Our aim is to give the little ones the best possible start. They are kept in a home environment and therefore get used to the every day noises of living in a normal home. Before our little ones are adopted out we spay/neuter, vaccinate, microchip and treat for fleas and worms. We are one of the very few rescues that take in FIV+ cats.

Please remember we are only small. We have a very slow turn over and limited resources so often work in conjunction with the larger organisations. The website is regularly updated so please refer to our adoption section for full details of the little ones currently in need of a permanent loving home. Bear in mind the cats we take in usually need that little bit extra so we in turn are looking for those people that are willing to go that little bit extra too! Could that be you?

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